Gratitude. Such a simple word with an exceptional impact. As technology evolves, we have considerable choices for how to spend our time. As business owner, you strive to make each day count. While the bottom line will always include profit, we cannot lose sight of the importance of expressing gratitude. So how do you master the art of appreciation?

Let us guide the way…

Thank Your Clients


As the cornerstone of consumerism, clients must feel appreciated every step of the way. When speaking to potential clients, do you greet them with enthusiasm? Emotion, whether good or bad, shines through with every word. Always express your gratitude by acknowledging the client at the beginning and end of of each interaction.

Appreciation doesn’t end there. After you’ve sold a unit, always touch base with the client to see how they are doing. Ask if they have questions on how to navigate this new, adventurous world.

By expressing your gratitude after a deal is done, you develop relationships where clients serve as ambassadors who recruit potential buyers.

Thank Your Team

No one can ever diminish what it takes to start and run a business. As a business owner, you’ve shown great bravery by leaping into business with very little safety net. Nonetheless, true success lies in the dynamics of your team.

Once you have recruited employees with an exceptional commitment to your mission, be sure to let them know how much they impact dealership operations. Consider weekly office treats, quarterly lunch celebrations, and acknowledging all-star performers in a newsletter or by placing their photo on the wall.

...true success lies in the dynamics of your team.

When an employee feels valued, they are a priceless asset. When they know that you treasure their performance, they will always go the extra mile for you.

Thank Your Family

...making time for your family makes you a stronger entrepreneur.

We work day in and out to create a better life for our families. Although we can never argue that financial resources allow us to support our loved ones, we cannot forget to let them know that we care.

Often times, our homes appear to be on autopilot, carefully executing daily tasks. Although we all yearn for a seamless lifestyle, never underestimate what it takes to make “life” happen. No matter how busy you may be at work, thank your partner or family member when he/she does something to make your life easier regardless of the size of the task.

If you have children, applaud them when you see them socially and academically excelling. Let them know that they are an irreplaceable piece of the family puzzle. Business is absolutely important. However, making time for your family makes you a stronger entrepreneur.

In this TED talk, Laura Trice passionately suggests that power of gratitude "starts household by household, under the same roof. So, let's make it right in our own backyard."

Remember To Say Thank You

Thank Your Self

With all this gratitude going around, don’t forget to thank the ultimate asset: YOU.


The best way to thank yourself is to take care of yourself. If you don’t focus on your physical and emotional health, then you diminish the probability of succeeding at work. Never feel guilty for shining a light on all that you’ve done. It doesn’t require a broadcast. You must insist on making time for the things you love. This gem could be a massage, a walk on the beach, or a half-day off with a great book.

No matter what you enjoy, make it part of your calendar just as you would a business meeting. When you thrive, business thrives.

In closing, the team appreciates each and every one of you for joining us on this unforgettable journey. With your trust, loyalty, and support, we are engaging new and seasoned water lovers as they make memories that last a lifetime.