Ever wished you could track your call-in leads for your online inventory? Now, you can!

Why call tracking matters?

Because 36% of Moreboats.com buyer inquiries come through as call-ins, effectively tracking and nurturing these inquiries impacts your bottom line.

How does Moreboats Call Tracking works?

  • We assign a unique local phone number to your dealership or to each of your locations

  • The assigned phone number is shown on the contact form on your inventory

  • Clickable call link is added to your Moreboats ad for mobile devices

  • When buyers call in, we inform them that the call may be recorded for quality assurance. Then, we record, track, and note the phone call in your Moreboats.com reporting

  • After the phone call is complete, we send you the summary and recording of the call in your email for your quick follow up

Calls-to-sales: Boost your conversions

With a call tracking report that includes a digital recording, you can assess the effectiveness of the call in real time. This feature allows you to retrieve valuable inventory information, hear feedback from your customers, and use it for training purposes.

Is there a service fee?

There is no activation or service for the call-tracking feature.
You only pay for results based on the amount of unique, valid phone calls generated.

In conclusion, the Moreboats call tracking report shows precisely how many unique, valid email or call-in leads we generate. With this useful data in mind, you can effectively spend your marketing dollars to attract and retain more customers.

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