Your inventory is solid. From polished pre-owned boats to brand new fully packed and ready to go units, your fleet attracts distinguished boaters and freshmen navigators alike. While you’ve mastered the product flow, customer experience is the ultimate competitive battleground. Are you prepared to win?

From the moment they discover your dealership the client should feel as though they are valued. Consider the following tips for the first point of contact:

Online Inquiry Forms

Once a potential client submits an inquiry, they should be met with language that screams, “Your business matters.”

Using an auto-response system, be sure to express your gratitude for the client’s interest. It’s also important to encourage them to learn even more about your business by exploring another element of your marketing efforts. For example, this message might work miracles,

“You’re one step closer to being on the water, absorbing rich sunlight, and basking in nature’s overflowing beauty. Our certified boating experts will assess your needs and contact you within [insert time frame] to help you begin the adventure of a lifetime. In the meantime, check out our Blog / Facebook / Twitter (whichever one has the most current content) and learn more about our passion for exceeding clients’ needs.”

Phone Calls

Although many businesses label a receptionist as an entry level position, the person serving in this role can create a lifetime client or someone who will despise your brand and tell others why they should too.

When a customer calls, how does the person on the other end make them feel? Is there a smile in their voice? Are they patient? Are they kind?

This initial point of contact says so much about your vision as a company. Find the right person to serve in this integral brand ambassador role and create lifelong advocates.

Train your receptionist as intensely as you train your sales team.

Your Store

If you have a brick and mortar store where clients can enter how does the atmosphere make them feel?

  • Does someone greet them with a smile?
  • Do customers feel safe?
  • What smells fill the air?

Place awards, ratings and testimonials in your waiting area. Consider investing in scented candles, air fresheners, and other ways to add to the ambience of your office.

While you do not have to spend tons of money on décor, find small ways to add a pop of excitement to your space. Create a place where people want to be. A boat transaction is not pumping gas.

Your clients should know that their overall experience is just as important as the vessel they select.

In closing, purchasing a boat is a serious matter. We all have choices.

Let’s make sure that clients choose YOU.