When a prospective buyer walks in, or contacts you over the phone, they will be judging your credibility, deciding in the first few seconds whether or not you're trustworthy.

Smile. Introduce yourself powerfully. Tell them WHY you love boating and selling boats.

Break through the tension by telling personal stories, like the story of your crazy friend Steve who lives on his boat in Florida, or that time your son cast his fishing line and hooked the back of your head, or the time you were so anxious to get on the water that you accidentally left your truck on the ramp all day and returned to a few nasty notes on the windshield.

Make yourself relatable it the first conversation.

Stories Influence and Inspire Behavior

Stories engage the potential client in the same way the real-life experiences do.

Create a story about your company, about yourself, and the boat you are selling.

Engage your prospects with stories of happy clients or amusing adventure stories about the boat you are showing. It's that “just like I was really there” neural experience that people come to stores willing to buy and pay for.

Watching great movies allow us to enter the emotions of a story, and similarly, sharing a story with potential buyers about the boating lifestyle and how it brings peace, unity, and memories to families, won't just help them understand the vision, but see it, feel it, and want to enter it.

Stories are Meaningful and Memorable

Our brains are programmed to recognize patterns of information and assign them meaning; stories are one type of recognizable pattern that we use to find meaning in the world around us.

Let the client create their own visual story by asking them questions:

  • Where would you go boating? What would you do?
  • How big is your family and friend circle? Can you see them having fun on the boat all together?
  • What kind of music would you listen on your boat?
  • Do you prefer to watch the sunrise or sunset on the water?
  • Do you think your wife would enjoy a romantic dinner on this boat?
  • Would your kids be proud to bring their friends aboard?

Make it vivid for them, so they can imagine the thrills and possibilities of boat ownership. Inspire them, so they can share that inspiration with their family and friends, and proceed with the purchase.

Most of all, have fun with the process and remember, you're not just selling a boat. You're telling a story you can be proud of, and building a relationship.

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