In June, 2015 The team traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area for SVOD, the Silicon Valley Open Doors Technology Investment Conference, whose list of sponsors includes giants like Microsoft and Google.

Since 2005, the yearly conference has attracted companies from all over the world to share business and tech insight and rub shoulders with the who's who of Silicon Valley. Among conferences of its kind, SVOD boasts the highest ratio of startups to venture capitalists, and cutting-edge opportunities for networking and mingling with investors. In an SVOD blog post, one attendee, Michael Holden, said, "Wall to wall entrepreneurs and VCs don't mingle -- they crush."

This year over a thousand people were in attendance: about 500 successful startup founders, 150 top investors, and 400 professionals working as experts in the technology field.

Moreboats was one of the 32 companies, pictured below, who were selected to present on stage in front of an audience of top Silicon Valley angels and venture capitalists.

Founders Vladimir Islamov and Anna Islamova introduced investors to their growing business,, a pay-per-lead marketplace. Pay-per-lead is a new concept in marine marketing, one that emphasizes lead quality.

In their presentation, the co-founders described their lifelong passion for boating,

and their ideas about how to better serve the boating industry.

But besides discussing, Vlad and Anna also addressed boating as an investment opportunity. They invited investors to join them in the goal of invigorating the boating industry and attracting a younger audience. “Our passion is helping the industry grow,” Anna said. “It’s why we do what we do. And there is so much untapped potential here for investors.”

The conference was a serious affair; the technology was serious, the business was serious, as were the presentations and investment deals that went down. But they know how to have fun, too.


Founded in 2012,, a privately held company, leads the boating industry in performance-based marketing. The company offers pay-per-lead inventory listing services for dealers, manufacturers, and boat financing industry segments.