LOS ANGELES, March 2, 2015 --- Moreboats.com, the leading pay-per-lead boating marketplace, announced the launch of a 30-day boat listing trial. Starting March, boat dealers are able to list their entire inventory and receive inquiries from prospective buyers at no charge during the trial period.

The trial was originally introduced during the 2014 Marine Dealer Conference and Expo and proved to be successful, with 96 percent of clients continuing services after the trial.

Moreboats.com co-founder Anna Islamova said,

Pay-per-lead is a relatively new model for the boating industry and we are excited to provide the opportunity for everyone to try it and see how effective performance-based marketing is. As a company, we are constantly working to increase the quality of our leads; 95 percent of the leads we generate include phone numbers and email addresses, which increases the dealer’s chances of making contact with prospective buyers.

The timing of the Moreboats.com trial lands before the busy season of another year of projected upswing for the boating industry. The NMMA predicted that 2015 will see a 5 percent increase in boat sales from last year.

With the boating industry’s continuing recovery and growth, Islamova said that Moreboats.com is committed to developing and providing boat dealers with cost-effective, performance-based marketing solutions in order to ultimately increase profits for the entire industry.

To learn more about Moreboats Trial contact Anna Islamova at (805) 500-6945 or annai@moreboats.com